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Long gone are the times where updating a website, meant at least 6 months of planning. Planning to let the developer know about this and you preparing for the complaints, problems, and issues to start rolling in. Gladly those days are gone, and smooth transitions common place with developers now immersing themselves creatively with customisation possibilities. So how does Shopify 2.0 fit into all this? Quite easily and we've translated it from dev speak to get you the key updates in a language you can understand.Shopify 2.0 now lets you add sections to almost ever part of your website.

Key updates

Customisation. Within the new JSON template files, you can define which sections should appear by default when your theme is first installed, and which order they should appear in. Once the JSON template is added, a merchant can navigate to the theme editor, and add any section that contains presets—exactly how you would add dynamic sections to the home page previously.

Organisation. Instead of needing to drill down into different sections, the editor now displays a tree view of all the content on a page in the sidebar. From this sidebar, merchants can hide most blocks, with the exception of the header and the footer (which can contain blocks that can be moved or hidden, but can’t be hidden themselves). These changes let merchants easily update the hierarchy of a page.

Speed. To accompany the launch of Online Store 2.0,  a brand new default theme has been launched, Dawn. This showcases the speed improvement, and the result is that Dawn is fast by default, no matter what—it loads 35 percent faster than Debut, the theme that more than half of merchants use today.Sounds great, how do I get one?Firstly, has your Theme been updated by the developer? If not you'll have to wait until the end of the year, where it will then become mandatory.

Sounds great, how do I get one?

If possible, we'd suggest updating right, now - utilising all the key improvements whilst preparing your website for the busiest time of year, however the upgrade will mean a full rebuild as you would be starting from the base template.Utilise new customisation points and CTA's

Well that's all great but...Let me guess your up to your eyeballs in planning for the next 4 months, and if you hear Black Friday one more time you'll go on strike (and it's not even November yet). However all is not lost, we at the Fashion Circle can help implement this on your website in time, so you can reap all the rewards, and giving you more time to go Secret Santa shopping, in your Christmas jumper. In October.