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So you have a TikTok shop, and like one our latest clients your sales have taken off. 

Which is great, until you start realising how will you make this work alongside everything in else in your business. You won’t be the first to encounter this and in our client’s position, this new brand they had started didn’t even have a website and had purely a TikTok setup.

Our task was to make a new Shopify website for them, meaning they could start to expand their brand outside of TikTok. But for now, we needed to concentrate on their current revenue stream and therefore implement an integration between Shopify and TikTok.

Make changes to your product details and pricing in Shopify and see the updates reflected on TikTok immediately


The integration works in every way required, new products created in Shopify can be pushed over to TikTok and products created originally on TikTok can be mapped to existing Shopify products. This means that price, product details and inventory can be fully synced between the two systems, giving you peace of mind and flexibility. 

Map individual products or a specific category on TikTok Shop.

Also orders that come in through from Shopify Sync straight into Shopify, and when shipped will be updated back to TikTok. Meaning your orders can be managed and fulfilled to fit in seamlessly into any shipping and warehouse workflows in your business.

Final thought

Looking at setting your own TikTok Shop? Get in touch and we can tell you more about the work we have done with our client in setting up this implementation.