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TikTok continues to rise and compete with the more established social media platforms. If your brand isn’t already on there then it definitely should be on your to do list! 

Advertising on TikTok has probably been on your radar, however what about selling directly on TikTok, more organically? I’m talking about the TikTok Store front, or Shop – where customers can purchase directly through the app. And with TikTok offering incentives around free postage offers there’s never been a better time to set up.

From the customers side, they can purchase through the product showcase tab, from in-feed videos and LIVES. Even the act of purchasing because of TikTok has become a trend with the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, where users post what they've bought thanks to recommendations about products on the site, has been used 10.1bn times.

Free shop set-up. No listing or subscription fee. Sales commission is reduced to 1.8% for the first 90 days and reverts to 5% afterwards

Do customers even purchase through TikTok?

Well, the answer is 100% yes, and one of our latest clients came to us with this as the problem – they were experiencing massive sales growth and looking for a way to streamline their business and integrate the Shop into Shopify.

£2534 generated on one TikTok live

Final thought

With users are more engaged on TikTok with over 10% higher ratios than other social media networks, it’s definitely an area your brand should be looking at to either start looking at or expand. There’s very little reason why you shouldn’t add this innovative new shopping platform to your sales channels, as it’s definitely an area that’s going to continue growing!