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Reviews, a source of pain, frustration, and certainly surprise. We've all experienced them, and left them at some point. I recently left some about some mayonnaise (don't ask). To be fair, they took my issue on the chin, sent me some new sauce to try and low and behold, I went on to purchase more from their brand's range. Result I'd say for them. The point is reviews are important, both good ones and bad. They can also act as a first port of call for your business, where potential prospects can see how you act and have acted in a neutral setting, before committing to purchase. Therefore we've put together some key points and practices to put you on the right path.


Trustpilot gives each company a profile page, so customers can easily find your brand's reviews

Review best practices

Prevent. Is there an issue that you've been meaning to address? Don't delay as most negative's can be easily avoided, whether it be improving your delivery options, updating your product details or updating your contact details.

Respond. No matter how hard you try, you will not please everyone, Sorry. Now we've got over that, most Review services will allow you to respond - this will help in two ways. Firstly to show that you care about addressing the situation to not only the customer, but other prospects looking through your reviews. Also it will help you keep on top of which reviews have been acknowledged and worked on, making sure you'd don't slip behind.  

React. The feedback is in, mostly good, some bad. Either way react - is there a product that's not living up to expectations? Feed it back - use the reviews to improve on where things have gone wrong. When things go right, for example a customer service has gone above and beyond, highlight it in story, on a blog, anywhere visible. Either way make use of this customer data.

Ways to convert your Reviews to sales

Already got reviews you'd like to showcase, what next?

Use them to your advantage. Use them to across your business to attract new customers and reaffirm old ones that they can purchase from you with confidence.

Social Proof. Show prospects the fruits of you labour by showing off your reviews in stories, emails and Ads, ultimately conversion rates. Trustpilot have a case study confirming this on their website, where SendCloud have seen an uplift since updating their ads with Trustpilot Logos, reviews and scores.

Example of Instagram Advertising from Fresh Couture

Onsite messaging. Many review platforms give you options to embellish your website, with your Reviews, for example Trustpilot allow for numerous widgets to be used to showcase Reviews and Trust scores in key CTA placements. Again allowing for customer confidence to increase conversions!

Widgets can be added in key places to increase customer confidence

Next Steps

As much as we'd all love to spend time on improving this area, realistically it isn't always possible. Luckily enough though at The Fashion Circle we can provide assistance and support with this, including turning around review profile pages, managing negatives and implementing steps to increase positive reviews. If you need assistance, please get in touch to set up a call to see how we can help you get back on the right path.