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Introducing Fashion Circle's Website Quick Fix articles!

Sometimes we'll tackle websites we've come across or have been asked to review, providing solutions geared towards enhancing your website's performance or user experience.

This week, we're spotlighting Norton Barrie.

Norton Barrie is an independent fashion store, who celebrated 50 years in business back in 2019. Since then, they have been dressing the stylish men of the north including famous clients from TV personalities, music stars to premier league football players. Their flagship store is based in Wilmslow, where they offer the latest styles from the most popular designer fashion brands.

Shopify and SEO sometimes don't play nice together, often due to a limited number of pages. Curious to know why? Keep reading!

The Problem.

While the use of standard filters to help customers find a desired product are great for the customer experience, our main concern is the absence of SEO tailored collections. As Shopify auto generates these filter pages, this means Google doesn't cache these filtered results by default.

Norton Barrie's sitemap, for instance, only has three Belstaff collections (Mens Belstaff, Womens Belstaff and Sale Belstaff). They do have some Google content on their Belstaff page, but the limited collections hinder their ability to promote specific categories and improve rankings. A ranking report for Norton Barrie and Belstaff as keywords reveals they rank for numerous keywords around pages 3 to 6. The issue, however, is that many of their products rank for search terms.

Take the search for "Belstaff Polo Shirts," which garners over 2,400 searches a month. They currently rank in position 52, but it's their black Belstaff polo shirt that's ranking, leaving their other six polos unnoticed.

If that product sells out, customers might click on the link only to find it unavailable or disabled, leading to a loss in ranking.

The Solution.

To address this, we'd create a collection for Belstaff Polos and develop content specific to that category. This approach builds a cacheable Google page that permanently showcases the full range of polos. You can then start link building for this page/keyword, knowing the page is stable.

By developing new collections, you can expand your site and increase the number of pages that rank higher, instead of limiting yourself to just three Belstaff pages.

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